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The Company

Manila Express Payment System, Inc, is a duly registered corporation in the Philippines since 2011 that launched a network of Automated Payment Machines (APMs) all over Metro Manila.  MEPS accepts payment
services on behalf of our clients – private businesses, government agencies, merchants, insurance companies, banks, and other service providers.

A fresh concept

MEPS is the pioneer in express payment system in the Philippines.  It started in 2011 with nothing more than an innovative spirit and a unique concept


Competitive Edge

  •  Easy to deploy
  •  Minimal space requirements
  •  Low electricity requirement
  •  No manpower requirements
  •  Online monitoring of sales

Franchise Program

We offer an effective, viable and user-friendly express payment system for people on the go.  The MEPS franchise program is designed to provide an opportunity for prospective franchisees to take on a fast-start profitable business minus the huge operational expenses.

999 MallThe MEPS Franchise Process:

  • Step 1: Submit letter of intent
  • Step 2: Preliminary Interview
  • Step 3: Site Evaluation for APM deployment
  • Step 4: Formal Application
  • Step 5: Franchise Approval

MEPS Answers Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How franchisee will make money?

A: Franchisee will earn Service Fee from every transactions.

Q: What amount of Service Fee?

A: It's depend from services, look at this for details.

Q: What other benefits for franchisee?

A: If Franchisee deploy APM in the store then it will increase quantity customers, also APM can use for advertising any products, because we can install second LCD for ad.

Q: Who can apply for the MEPS franchise package?

A: Manila Express Payment System offers the package to Individual and Corporate franchisees.

GTQ: What are the factors in selecting an ideal site for an APM outlet?

A: Having a high foot-traffic is one of the critical factors in selecting a site. Thus our preferred sites are office buildings, malls, commercial center, schools, hospitals, foodcourts or airports.

Q: Once a site is selected, what does the APM require to be physically set up?

A: Setting up an APM basically requires a space size of less than 1sqm, an electrical outlet, and strong cell phone signal.

Q: What types of MEPS franchise packages are available?

A: We offer two (2) types of franchise:

  •  Navigator (bill-acceptor, printer, touch screen)
  •  Transformer (Navigator features + bar scanner, coin-acceptor, a 2nd LCD monitor for advertising, and audio system)

macea 1

Q: What's included in the franchise package?

A: The MEPS franchise package includes:

  •  An APM
  •  The MEPS Payment System
  •  Initial Operational Load
  •  Customer Service support
  •  Site evaluation
  •  Training
  •  Start-up support, and;
  •  Advertising thru our website

wilconQ: What about advertising?

A: As advertising is included in the franchise package, MEPS utilizes its website as well as the built-in APM map to advertise the APM locations and services. MEPS can also help in creating advertising materials.

Q: How will training be provided to franchisees?

A: After you sign a franchise agreement, your staff will undergo onsite training with MEPS technicians.

Q: How much business support will be provided?

A: You will receive periodic visits from a MEPS franchise officer, who will provide assistance on your franchise operations.  MEPS shall also monitor your sales real-time, make recommendations based on your sales, and provide consultation services.

Q: What are the terms of the franchise agreement?

A: The term of the franchise agreement is three years. Renewal is subject to MEPS evaluation.  A minimal renewal fee will be charged.

Q: I want to join the Manila Express Payment System franchise! What's my next step??

A: Together with your accomplished Information Sheet, send us a Letter of Intent stating your desire to obtain a franchise, and if you have a proposed site, please include:

  •  The address and area size of your proposed site
  •  Relevant information on lease terms
  •  Description of the site's immediate environment in terms of traffic generators (schools, theatres, markets, transportation, hospitals, hotels, office buildings, etc) and competitors within the area.


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